About us

Jewellery is an expression and a statement of yourself.

Nazneen Collections LLP,

''Crafted Bliss Don't Miss''

Nazneen Collections llp established in the year 2007 and registered trademark in the year 2019. Brand Nazneen Collections is designer handmade jewellery store, https://www.nazneencollections.com/.

GleamOrb is 100% designer jewellery manufactured in our studio by Nazneen and her professional jewellery designer team. Nazneen is passionate about creating elegant, unusual pieces with precision and panache. For an exquisitely unique jewellery experience please look at GleamOrb Jewellery Collections.

The strength of GleamOrb as much as it lies in its design and creative capabilities also lies in the passion and focus with which our team works together.



Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the most memorable handmade jeweller locally and internationally and most important is ‘’tributing to the handcraft’’. By creating high quality handcrafted and affordable jewellery which will be the part of wearer’s happiness, satisfaction, and personal style.



Our aim is to make you stand out. Jewellery defines who you are and plays an important role in many cultures and traditions. It is widely believed that by wearing jewellery one's energy is vibrated back to one's body.


Our Story

GleamOrb jewellery making started as a calling, fuelled by passion. It soon turned into a business, and GleamOrb Collections was born.



Our splendid jewellery ranges are comprised of artistically made-up pieces and vintage inspired traditional creations. Each piece is a unique masterpiece and is only repeated on demand.

As a jeweller, personal attention and love is infused into each new creation. The design process is crucial to finding that perfect balance and beauty that each piece possesses.

GleamOrb Collections creates exclusive jewellery for all occasions. We create traditional, as well as contemporary one-of-a-kind styles, which are crafted with love and passion.

We also customize jewellery according to your specific needs, style, material, and design, as well restyle and upcycle your old jewellery as per your requirements.


Our Suppliers and Resources

Our material for making jewellery is sourced from reputable suppliers around the world. We use only the highest quality materials, like semi-precious stones, silver, brass, metal alloy, stainless steel, wooden beads, copper, high quality crystal beads, cultured pearls, shell beads, German silver designer pendants and a variety of beads.


WE – The force behind GleamOrb,

The strength of GleamOrb as much as it lies in its design and creative capabilities also lies in the passion and focus with which our team works together. GleamOrb team is the most significant part of our success story.

As in jewellery Business, we take great pride in being self-sustained and never forget our humble roots from where we started. Our aim to grow steadily with hard work and passion to make GleamOrb a brand to recognise in the world of jewellery retail.